Empowering Teens To Be Happy & Successful

Daniel Wong

I empower teens to become both happy and successful. I show parents how they can help, too.

I've written a FREE e-book called 16 Keys To Motivating Your TeenagerIn the e-book, you'll learn proven, practical tips to motivate your teenager.

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Daniel Wong & His Work Have Been Featured On:

Bestselling Book: The Happy Student

In The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success, I describe the five steps that every student must take to find long-term success and happiness.

I'm pleased to announce that The Happy Student is a bestseller that's in its 2nd edition. It has also been translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

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My Proven System For Becoming an Organized & Focused Student:

Getting straight A's isn't the main aim of education. But in the process of becoming a better student, you can learn valuable life skills that will serve you well, long after you take your last exam.

That's why I created the Straight-A Student Weekly Checklist. This is a step-by-step system, which will propel you toward academic success.

By using this system, I guarantee that you'll become more focused, organized and disciplined.

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Work With Me Through These 1-to-1 Programs:

For Students: The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Program

In The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Program, I enable students to find meaning and motivation in the pursuit of academic success, and equip them with the mindset and skills necessary to perform well in school and beyond.

For Parents: "Motivating My Unmotivated Teenager" Program

I have extensive experience working with teenagers. In the "Motivating My Unmotivated Teenager" Program, I share with parents proven, easy-to-apply principles and techniques to motivate their teenager to pursue excellence.


I’ve spoken to and worked with more than 15,000 people in countries like the United States, Indonesia and Singapore.

I’d love to speak at your school or organization!

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