Do You Make These 150 Mistakes In The Pursuit Of Happiness? (FREE E-Book You’ll Receive When You Subscribe)

The pursuit of happiness—that’s what we’re all caught up with, right?

We study hard, try to find a good job, build relationships, start businesses… all in an attempt to find happiness.

But happiness seems elusive, doesn’t it?

Just look around you and you’ll see plenty of unhappy people.

In recent years, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to and working with thousands of people who are seeking greater happiness in their lives.

I’ve observed what the unhappiest people do to achieve such extreme levels of unhappiness. It’s obvious to most people around them that if they simply stopped engaging in certain kinds of behavior, they would be a lot happier!

Based on my observations, I wrote this e-book, The Unhappiness Manifesto: Don’t Do These 150 Things If You Want To Be Happy.

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