The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme

Suitable for: Students (mainly from Lower Secondary to University) who want to excel academically, while also finding deep fulfillment and meaning in their education

Number of participants: 1

Duration: 1 hour per session; 4 – 5 sessions typically required to cover all the main topics

Different options: (a) In person (b) Skype/phone call

Venue, if option (a) is chosen: Singapore Post area (next to Paya Lebar MRT station)

When: Saturdays, either in the late morning or early afternoon

You’ve studied hard for the exam. You’ve read through your notes multiple times. You’ve used flash cards and other memory techniques.

But it seems like you’re never well prepared enough.

The stress is too much for you to take. As you stare at the exam questions, your mind goes blank.

You panic. You don’t know what to do. You fear the worst.

You imagine getting a big, fat zero for the exam. Terror strikes your heart.

We’ve all had this kind of experience before, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Schools, with their limited resources, aren’t able to devote enough time to guide every single student toward success.

Moreover, the regular methods you learn in school in order to prepare for exams aren’t good enough. What you need is a new, tried-and-tested approach.

That’s where The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme comes in.

TEE Mentoring Programme isn’t like any other exam mastery programme. Instead it’s a holistic, science-based approach to achieving academic excellence—all while finding deep fulfillment and satisfaction.

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This programme isn’t just about sharing exam tips with you. It’s about empowering you with a whole new set of life skills.

These are life skills that you’ll be able to use in your student life and beyond.

The great news is that Daniel will be able to impart these skills to you in just four to five 1-hour sessions.

TEE Mentoring Programme is an entire system that will help you to find new meaning and motivation in your academics. It will also teach you unique strategies you can use to improve your exam performance dramatically, with less effort and time.

Imagine walking into an exam hall feeling completely prepared, confident that you’re going to ace the exam—every single time.

That’s what will happen after you go through TEE Mentoring Programme with Daniel.

Feeling lost and helpless while preparing for an exam is something every student goes through. But it doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

Rest assured that Daniel is the right person to conduct TEE Mentoring Programme.

By using the same strategies and principles that he will share with you during the programme, Daniel has never received a grade lower than an A- in a major exam.

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Daniel was a top student throughout primary school, secondary school, junior college and university.

He received an overseas scholarship to study at Duke University (USA), where he graduated summa cum laude with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Economics. He was the top student in the Mechanical Engineering programme.

He is also a certified youth counselor, so he is equipped with the necessary skills to connect with students and form strong relationships with them.

He has embarked on an exciting journey as a lifelong learner, and it would be his honor to guide you through your own transformational journey.

In TEE Mentoring Programme, Daniel will empower you with proven, practical and easy-to-apply techniques, which will help you to conquer your exam fears.

You’ll cast away your worries and you’ll feel fired up about your exams. Those miserable times preparing for your exams—they will disappear. You’ll find the inner motivation to spur you on to greater success, happiness and fulfillment.

Daniel will teach you to view exams as a fun learning experience, to find new meaning, purpose and satisfaction in your education.

And yes, of course he will show you how to get better grades!

During this programme, which is designed for students but that parents are also welcome to attend (except for the first session; please see the explanation in the FAQs below), you will acquire invaluable life skills that will lead to consistent exam success.

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Unlike other programmes, which merely teach exam tactics that can be easily found in how-to books, TEE Mentoring Programme will equip you with the essential attitude and skills to enable you to attain exam excellence.

TEE Mentoring Programme…

  • Is customized to meet your specific needs. The programme is tailored for you based on the responses you provide in the pre-programme questionnaire, so that you can address your weaknesses and build on your strengths.
  • Will enable you to develop a sense of purpose in your academics by helping you discover your personal definition of success.
  • Will let you in on the study and exam secrets of a lifelong straight-A student and overseas scholarship recipient, so that you can ace those exams over and over again with ease.
  • Will cover topics such as listening skills, note-taking skills, study skills, memory techniques, and exam techniques, which are sure to make your life as a student easier.
  • Will show you how to prepare your body and mind for optimum exam performance. You’ll learn science-based nutrition and lifestyle tips that are guaranteed to boost your memory and concentration.
  • Will provide you with an enjoyable learning experience.

Daniel is an respected education and learning expert who has read 200 books over the past four years. He loves to share his knowledge and insight with students and parents!

The mission of TEE Mentoring Programme is to empower you with everything you need to know in order to improve your exam performance, all while maintaining a high level of focus and motivation. The benefits you receive will last you a lifetime.

Daniel won’t let you down. He is so confident that you’ll benefit from this programme that he is offering a 100% money-back guaranteeIf, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the programme, Daniel will give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

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“During the programme, I learned how to change my mindset toward exams. I even found this change of mindset to be an enjoyable experience! All the study and exam techniques are really useful. This is the strongest part of the programme.”
 John, secondary school student

“This programme has helped me to focus better in class. I’ve learned how to remember information more efficiently, and I’ve become more organized and disciplined too. Daniel showed me how to effectively keep track of my assignments and manage my time well.”
Derrick Yeo, secondary school student

TEE Mentoring Programme Testimonial

“After this programme, I’m determined to change my study habits and to persist on this road of lifelong learning!”
Rayner, university student

“This programme is very well-structured and provides a great depth of information.”
David, secondary school student

“The Exam Excellence Mentoring Programme has enabled me to get rid of many bad habits that I previously wasn’t able to. Daniel is very helpful and friendly!”
 Ray Ng, secondary school student

Testimonial for The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know that The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme will be worth the money?

A: You’re not paying for Daniel’s time when you sign up for this programme.

You’re paying for the guaranteed results you’ll receive. Daniel is a learning and personal development expert, so you’re paying for the knowledge that Daniel has accumulated through reading hundreds of books and working with thousands of students. You’re paying for Daniel’s vast experience working with students to help them attain academic excellence, while also finding new purpose in their education.

What’s the value of the benefits you’ll receive if you become both happy and successful, in your student life and beyond? Thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.

If you sign up for the four to five sessions required to cover the main topics, you’ll be spending a comparatively small sum of money. That’s excellent value!

Best of all, there’s no risk at all, because Daniel offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

There’s absolutely no obligation to continue the Mentoring Programme at any time, although Daniel has full confidence that his clients will benefit greatly from the programme.

The price that Daniel charges for this service is small compared to the benefits of becoming a purpose-driven and successful student. The benefits you receive from the programme will truly last you a lifetime.

And for the record, no client has ever asked for his or her money back.

Q: How is The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme different from other programmes run by tuition centres, etc.?

A: TEE Mentoring Programme is not like other exam mastery programmes. Those kinds of programmes have a single-pronged approach toward helping students perform well in exams, and focus solely on exam/study skills.

TEE Mentoring Programme, on the other hand, takes a more well-rounded approach. During the programme, students and parents will learn about the following topics:

  • Developing intrinsic motivation
  • Practical strategies for staying motivated
  • Cultivating a strong sense of purpose in your academics
  • Preparing your body and mind for optimum exam performance
  • Foods and supplements that are scientifically proven to improve your mental focus
  • How students and parents can work together as a team to take on exams
  • Dealing with exam stress
  • Study and exam secrets of a lifelong straight-A student

Moreover, TEE Mentoring Programme is conducted by Daniel, a respected learning and education expert.

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Q: Is The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme also offered for primary school students?

A: Daniel does offer a simplified version of The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme for primary school students, although the group he primarily works with is lower secondary to university students.

For primary school students, the Mentoring Programme is most effective for students who are in Primary 5 and 6.

Q: What makes Daniel the right person to conduct The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme?

A: Daniel is an education and learning expert who has spent many years reflecting on the purpose of education, and has read hundreds of books.

Moreover, he is a certified youth counselor, so he knows how to connect with students and form strong relationships with them.

He has gone through his own transformational journey from unhappy and depressed teenager to happy and successful recent university graduate.

Daniel even penned down his experiences in his bestselling book, The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success.

In addition, he is a lifelong straight-A student who has been a top student throughout his academic career. He is an overseas scholarship recipient and graduated summa cum laude from Duke University (USA) with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Economics.

Daniel is honored to walk alongside students on their journey of education, and to help them attain exam excellence.

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Q: How many sessions do I need to sign up for? How regular are the sessions?

A: Daniel will typically be able to cover all of the main topics in four to five sessions.

If you would like additional coaching or advice beyond the four to five sessions, Daniel would be glad to provide it to you. It is recommended that the sessions occur once every two to three weeks, but this is flexible. Clients pay for only one session at a time, so there is no risk on your part at all.

Here is the rough breakdown for each of the sessions:

Session 1

  • Finding inner motivation for exam excellence
  • Finding purpose in your academics
  • Redefining success for yourself
  • Listening and note-taking skills
  • How to maintain your focus in class
  • How to prepare for class

Sessions 2 & 3

  • Studying skills
  • Daily planning and goal-setting
  • Weekly planning and goal-setting
  • Speedreading
  • 10 practical tips to keep yourself motivated
  • How to structure a studying session
  • Special memory techniques
  • How to break your assignments into manageable pieces
  • How to optimize your sleep habits to improve information recall and retention

Sessions 4 & 5

  • Exam-taking skills and exam preparation
  • Developing a detailed study plan for an exam
  • Techniques used in sport psychology to improve your exam performance
  • Exam day preparation
  • 10 exam-taking tips from a lifelong straight-A student

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Q: I’m a parent. Can I sit in with my child during The Exam Excellence (TEE) Mentoring Programme sessions?

A: Yes, you can. In fact, parents are strongly encouraged to sit in during the sessions, but only if the student would feel comfortable with that.

The only exception is the first session, where parents will not be allowed to sit in. During the first session Daniel will be discussing things related to the student’s challenges, home environment, values, etc. which the student might not feel comfortable discussing if the parent(s) is present.

Rest assured, though, that Daniel will provide the parent(s) with an update after the session.

Parents play a crucial role in helping their child achieve exam excellence, so they are welcome to attend the Mentoring Programme sessions, except for the first one.

Q: What kind of results should I expect to see?

A: The student will develop a more positive attitude, will find more purpose in his or her academics, will learn to apply the tips and techniques right away, and—as a result of all of this—perform better in school.

These results will be seen immediately, as long as the student applies the techniques learned during the Mentoring Programme.


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