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Workshop for parents of pre-teens/teens aged 11 to 19

Dear Parent,

I’m Daniel Wong.

I specialise in helping pre-teens/teens to become motivated, focused, resilient and confident.

Having spoken to and worked with 25,000 pre-teens/teens successfully so far, I know how to get through to them. I know what makes them tick.

In this workshop for parents, I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned.

If you apply the tips and strategies covered in the workshop, I guarantee that your pre-teen/teen will become motivated and responsible.

That’s why I’m even offering a 110% money-back guarantee.

Read on to find out more about the workshop...

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Have You Tried to Change Your Pre-Teen/Teen’s Behaviour Without Success?

I'm guessing that you have disagreements with your pre-teen/teen over things like...

  • Schoolwork
  • Phone usage
  • Computer/video games
  • Lack of motivation
  • Household chores
  • Being disrespectful
  • Being disobedient
  • Lack of appreciation
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Lack of communication with parents or family

If so, I’m sure you’ve tried to get her to change her behaviour. But I’m also sure that this has been an uphill battle.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Attend This Workshop and Say Goodbye to Your Parenting Frustrations.

Daniel Wong speaking

Here’s what you’ll learn during the workshop:

  • How to stop nagging your pre-teen/teen completely – while still getting him to behave responsibly
  • Proven 6-step process to resolve the conflicts you have with your pre-teen/teen quickly and peacefully
  • 5 effective ways to get your pre-teen/teen to take full responsibility for his choices and behaviour
  • Why rewards and punishments don’t work in the long run (and what actually works instead)
  • 3 key emotional needs your pre-teen/teen has (which 99% of parents aren’t aware of)
  • The specific mindset you can help your pre-teen/teen develop, which is the foundation of long-term success
  • 9 common mistakes parents make when communicating with their pre-teens/teens – avoid these at all costs!
  • How to build a stronger relationship with your pre-teen/teen
  • How to communicate with your pre-teen/teen so he feels understood and loved
  • 10 simple ways to get your pre-teen/teen to show you respect
  • A simple tweak in how you speak to your pre-teen/teen, which will make him motivated to change his behaviour
  • A little-known but powerful tool to build a positive family culture

This Workshop Will Change the Course of Your Pre-Teen/Teen’s Life.

This workshop will change your life too.

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t need to nag or scold your children anymore...

If your children were all self-motivated, responsible, respectful and appreciative...

If your home environment was full of warmth and love, without any tension at all...

If your role as a parent brought you far more joy and fulfillment than frustration and stress...

By applying the tips and strategies presented in this workshop, that’s what your life will be like.

I’m sure of this, which is why...

I’m Even Offering a 110% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you apply the principles explained in the workshop but there’s no improvement in the situation with your pre-teen/teen, just email Support@Daniel-Wong.com.

In your email, describe the principles you implemented and why they didn’t work.

I’ll then promptly provide you with a 110% refund, because I would have wasted your time.

Of course, I’m extremely confident that this won’t happen!


In Case You'd Like to Know More About Me and My Background...

Here are some facts about me:

  • I’ve spoken to and worked with 25,000 pre-teens/teens successfully from countries like Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States.
  • I graduated summa cum laude (First Class Honours) from Duke University, USA.
  • My work has been featured in Yahoo!, The Huffington Post, The Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia, Channel 5, 938Live Radio, TODAY, The New Paper, Lianhe Zaobao, Shin Min Daily News, Parents World, and Seventeen, among others.
  • I’ve earned certificates in counselling and coaching.
  • I’m the best-selling author of The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success.
  • I write regularly at www.Daniel-Wong.com, which has received more than 2,000,000 page views.
  • I'm the recipient of the JCI Singapore – Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Merit Award.

Here’s What People Have to Say About My Previous Workshops.

Daniel Wong speaking

"Great presentation, both in terms of delivery and content.”

– Desmond G.

"The best thing about it was Daniel's enthusiasm and solid grasp of the content. He really seemed to know what he was talking about, and he was able to communicate effectively."

– Anita P.

"The message was delivered in an interesting and personable fashion, and with deep conviction."

– Priscilla L.

“The workshop was conducted in a fun and engaging manner.”

– Ananya N.

"Many types of useful knowledge were consolidated together. Daniel is a very sincere speaker and he really cares about people."

– Brenda T.

Ready to Learn the Exact Strategies Guaranteed to Transform Your Pre-Teen/Teen Into One Who Is Motivated, Responsible and Resilient?


Before You Reserve Your Seats, Here Are Some Important Things to Note...

Upcoming workshop date and time
27th January 2018 (Saturday)
3pm to 6pm
Registration starts at 2:30pm

(Can't make it on 27th January 2018? Click here to be notified of future runs.)

115 Eunos Avenue 3
Singapore 409839

SGD 299 per couple

This affordable price is for both you and your spouse/partner.

It's a small investment to eliminate your parenting frustrations, transform your pre-teen/teen, and build a happy family.

As mentioned earlier, I’m also offering a 110% money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk at all.

(Registration for the workshop is closed. Click here to be notified of future runs of the workshop.)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. I'd like to attend alone. Can I buy just one ticket at a cheaper price?

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to buy just one ticket. The price listed is for two tickets. (Read the next FAQ.)

Q2. Can I bring a friend instead of my spouse/partner?

If your spouse/partner can’t attend the workshop, you can bring a friend instead. But your friend must be a parent too.

Q3. Who is this workshop for?

It's for parents of pre-teens/teens aged 11 to 19.

Q4. What makes this different from other parenting workshops?

This workshop is only for parents of pre-teens/teens. As such, the strategies presented will apply specifically to your child's situation. The strategies are research-backed too, which means they've been proven to work.

This isn't some "generic" parenting workshop; it's the solution to your parenting frustrations.

Furthermore, I've spoken to and worked with 25,000 pre-teens/teens successfully over the years. I'll share valuable insights with you – from your child's perspective.

I'm so confident you'll find the workshop useful that I'm even offering a 110% money-back guarantee (as explained earlier).

I believe this is the only workshop around that comes with such a guarantee!

Q5. Can my child come along?

This workshop is for parents only, so please do not bring your child along.

Q6. Can I pay cash on the day itself?

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. All seats must be reserved by making payment online through this webpage.

Q7. Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?

No, you don’t. Writing materials and notes will be provided.

Q8. What happens if I buy the tickets but later realise that I can’t make it?

Send an email to Support@Daniel-Wong.com. You’ll be put on the confirmed list for the next run of the workshop, tentatively scheduled to be conducted once every quarter.

Q9. I have a question about something that isn’t covered here. Who can I contact?

Email Support@Daniel-Wong.com. Someone will get back to you within two business days.


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