Here's What Parents Have to Say
About How Daniel Has Helped Their Children

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Your child can work with
Daniel Wong 1-to-1

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Your child can work with
Daniel Wong 1-to-1

And Here's What Students
Have to Say About Working With Daniel

This program with Daniel has helped me to remember information more efficiently. I’ve become more organized and disciplined too.

Derrick Yeo Secondary school student

Through the program with Daniel, my mindset has become more positive. I've started to make better decisions, and my relationship with my parents has improved too!

Estelle G. Primary school student

Daniel has given me an entirely different view on studying, and has shared with me new methods that I can use to keep myself motivated.

Jerelene T. Accounting student

Working with Daniel has enabled me to get rid of many bad habits. Daniel is very helpful and friendly!

Ray Ng Secondary school student

During the program with Daniel, I learned how to change my mindset toward exams. I even found this change of mindset to be an enjoyable experience!

John Chen Secondary school student

The techniques that Daniel shared with me have been helpful. I've become more focused, and I've learned to lead a more balanced life too.

Wong KX Primary school student

After this program with Daniel, I'm determined to change my study habits and to persist on this road of lifelong learning!

Rayner C. University student

Daniel, thank you so much for being the best mentor I could ever have. I am really blessed.

Ryan L. Secondary school student

Your child can work with
Daniel Wong 1-to-1

All the sessions have been helpful. I've learned how to remember information faster. I've also become more organized, structured, and disciplined.

Isaac A. Primary school student

I have learned to become more motivated and to study more efficiently. My grades have improved, and Daniel even taught me how to make new friends.

Teh RQ Secondary school student

The tips and techniques that Daniel shared with me have been effective. I'm now more motivated when it comes to my academics.

Seng JJ Secondary school student

The program with Daniel has been very good. I've learned how to change my behavior and form healthy habits.

Jia Ming K. Secondary school student

Through the program, I have become more organized and responsible. I'm a more productive student now, and my memory has improved too.

Christopher L. Secondary school student

Daniel has taught me how to have a more positive attitude. He showed me how to reduce my phone usage, become more motivated, and plan my schedule.

Low SE Secondary school student

This program is way more useful than tuition classes! Thanks to Daniel, my relationship with my dad has also improved.

Seah YK Secondary school student

The methods I've learned during the program with Daniel have been helpful. Now I'm more organized and disciplined.

Keith L. Secondary school student

Your child can work with
Daniel Wong 1-to-1

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